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Custom Green Bead Charm Watches      
GreenBead Watches are handmade and created by Janet Green Garrison. Each one is unique. Choose between bronze or copper colored watch faces, pick your favorite bead color combinations, and decide what size beads you'd like. These watches cannot be found in stores or catalogues.    
The watches cost between $55 and $100, depending on the quality of the beads and charms that you choose. The Legacy watch face is battery operated and lasts between one and two years. Any jewelry store will replace the battery as needed. They are water resistant and have held up quite well for me. I wear my watch every day while practicing yoga, washing dishes, jogging, and dancing.  
The beaded watchband is made on a sturdy, stretchy nylon cord. After 4 to 10 months of normal daily wear and tear it may need to be replaced. I am happy to send you detailed instructions on how to replace and restring your watch, or you can mail it back to me and for $20, I will restring your watch and return it to you. If you are mindful of sliding it on and off, the watch will have a very strong life.    
Bead Diety Necklaces

Same as the Green Bead Watches above. Choose your own beads, colors, size and length for a custom handmade necklace. Also, choose your own diety pendant to add to your necklace from a variety of fine crafted pendants made in India.

Call or e-mail to order your watch today (978) 281.5525
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