Each morning, when I go downstairs to the Yoga studio, I spend time reading, meditating, and practicing the asanas that I'm drawn to in the moment.  Often, I pick up a book on Yoga that has long been in my library and am inspired again by a great teacher's understanding of this ancient tradition.

Recently, I read from  The Woman's Book of Yoga & Health  by Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden. Linda is the former managing editor of  Yoga Journal  and continues to contribute fascinating articles in each issue.  Patricia is one of the most widely respected Yoga teachers in America.   Her studio is in Boston and she travels to India yearly to be with her teacher, B.K.S. Iyengar.  From their chapter, “Wisdom From The Heart :" 

“Physically, Yoga is an ideal companion at this stage of your life.  No matter what shape your body or mind is in, you can always do  some kind of Yoga.  Some days you may feel like doing a vigorous practice; other days your body needs a restorative, gentle practice;  and still other times you may only have the energy to do deep breathing exercises.  No matter what type of Yoga you choose on any particular day, your body and your mind reap profound benefits. Mentally and emotionally, Yoga brings stability and calm, strengthening your immune system and pacifying your nervous system.   On a very deep level, Yoga shows you the inherent wisdom of your body as you move in, through, and out of each pose And it allows you the quiet time and space to get reacquainted with the intuitive side of your mind and the teachings of your heart so that you can share those gifts with the rest of the world.”

Inspired by these words, I share them with you and wish you...
Happy Day and Namaste!

Inspirational quotes that have been read in class and continue to inspire students.
I hope they inspire you as well.

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