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Inspirational quotes that have been read in class and continue to inspire students.
I hope they inspire you as well.

What is Success?
What is Grace?
Nelson Mandela Quote
Hopi Elder quote
The Peace of Wild Things
St. Teresa's Prayer

The body is not a battleground,
as some people would like you to believe.
The body knows peace; peace, after all,
is the body's natural state.
Think of the body in repose,
the way muscles loosen, breath opens up;
think of the body in love.
It knows what to do.
It is our mind that does not. It is our mind
that makes us feel separate, isolated,
it is our mind that dreams up war.
The body says no, come back to me,
I am fragile and strong and
I connect you to your brothers and sisters.
I connect you to the earth.
Come back to the heartbeat,
the pulse, the rhythm we all walk to,
regardless of nation or color.
Come back to the breath--inhale,
take the world deep into your lungs;
exhale, give yourself back fully.
This is what the body says:
release the peace that lives within your skin.