Yoga for Health - 62 High St. Gloucester, MA
Yoga for Health
Gloucester, Massachusetts

Yoga for Health with Janet Green Garrison
62 High Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Welcome to Yoga for Health. This month of May, 2013, marks my 40th anniversary of stepping onto the Path of Yoga.
It was at the University of Pittsburgh and I didn’t know that within the following few months, many life-long changes
would occur. Coincidentally, this month’s National Geographic has an article on the science of aging, there is a photo
of my first Yoga teacher, Rae Kline, at age 83. How wonderful!

Presently I am teaching 4 classes each week from my home studio in Lanesville. Classes are small (no more than 9 students),
carefully instructed, and each student is encouraged to take time to truly feel what they are experiencing in each posture,
each breath, each thought.

My classes are appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced students. I help to provide modifications and variations
in each posture that make the practice unique to each student.

Here are a few protocols that we follow at Yoga for Health in order to make everyone's experience a positive one:

Arrive a few minutes early. Consider being on time as a part of your practice.

Leave shoes outside the Studio door in the shoe racks.

Remember to turn your cell phone off.

Come in quietly and enjoy the peaceful energy of the room.
You can begin to gently stretch or lie down and relax or greet your fellow students.

Please do not use perfumes, scented lotions or hairsprays before coming to class.
People with allergies can be very sensitive to them.

I suggest that you purchase your own yoga mat.
I like to provide “loaner” mats for new students, but encourage continuing students to have their own. This will help you to begin to practice Yoga at home between classes and also because it is more hygienic. Only your energy will be on your mat, not everyone else's.

Please speak with me about any pre-existing or special condition that may effect your participation in the class.

Be compassionate with yourself in all that you do.
“Do what you can do and don't do what you cannot do”. Rest when you need to. Do not force yourself to “keep up” with anyone. Please remember that “Yoga” is much more than hamstrings and headstands. It is our breath, our attitude, our kindness, it is the way we live our lives each day. Yoga is the balancing of our mental, physical and spiritual selves through conscious awareness. Enjoy your practice!